Inground Pools

Testimonial from D.Stout

Testimonial from D.Stout

“Maurice Pools & Spas helped us create a tropical paradise in our backyard. The excellent skill and expertise that went into creating this “paradise” transformed our backyard. It went from a place that was not very inviting to a place where we want to spend all of our time in the summer. The people at Maurice Pools & Spas were excellent people to work with from the planning stage to the finished product. Customer satisfaction is second to none with this company. If you want a professional pool installed, then Maurice Pools & Spas is the company you want installing your new dream come true.”

Sterling Pools

You've got lots of choices to make when you decide to put in a pool. What size should it be, what shape do I want, how much will it cost? Wow, how daunting. Well, we've got good news in the form of the Sterling Pool.

GLI Liners

Inground vinyl liners... Destination, Signature, and Signature Plus Series. Using 20 or 28 mil virgin vinyl, GLI ensures that every seam is sealed to last. Special UV inhibitors in their liners help them to hold up to harsh environment in your pool and resistance sunlight, bacteria, fungus, and chemicals.